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Security Guard Training & License Requirements in NEVADA

In order to work as a security guard in the state of Nevada, you must first obtain your registration card from the State of Nevada’s Private Investigators Licensing Board.

No security guard training is required before you apply for your registration card, however there is an exam that you must take and submit with your application. All of the training you will receive will be directly from the private security company or other establishment that you get hired to work for, once again, after you obtain your registration card.

You can obtain your registration card online, or via regular mail.


Your first step is to download the application from the Private Investigators Licensing Board. When you arrive on the website, click on Work Cards / Registered Employee Services at the top. 


To apply online, simply scroll down until you see Online Application.


Along with your application, you will have to submit a few more items in order to obtain your card. There is a very handy checklist (see Instructions / Checklist on the left hand sidebar), that  you can use to make sure you have everything in order. So you will know what to expect, this is what you need:


1. The completed application (online or printed out)

2. A two inch by two inch (2"x2") passport photo.

3. Your U.S. Passport or a copy of both your driver's license and social security card.

4. Receipt for Electronic Submission of Fingerprint Cards or a set of two fingerprint cards.

5. Registration fee of $85.00 if you have a fingerprint receipt, $95 if you are submitting the set of two fingerprint cards.

6. Your exam answer sheet with your application. (Unless you take the exam online on the same website).


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