Bedrock Protection: a Las vegas Security COmpany




Bedrock Protection Agency

Bedrock Protection Agency is a leading security company based in Utah that provides security service in the western United States and security service nationally through its partner network. Bedrock was founded on the principle of providing a safer world to those in need. Our outstanding team of trained security guards is at your service. As a client, you will be treated with a level of professionalism that cannot be surpassed. Bedrock will provide the best security guards to protect your assets, businesses and homes.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to be the best regional option for security services by providing core fundamental principles of asset protection, customer service, transparency, and flexibility.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to use the right mix of people and technology to offer a highly customizable security program emphasizing value, professionalism, and integrity. Bedrock Protection Agency has a threefold mission: First, we provide the services contracted by our customers in a professional and courteous manner with enthusiasm and integrity. Second, we treat our competitors as colleagues and work to uplift and dignify our profession. Third, our employees, associates, and business partners are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve as professionals.

We are in a people business.
Whether you need a security officer for corporate security and executive protection, or an unarmed officer for roaming security patrols and vehicle surveillance, we have what you need. Let us provide you with the security you deserve! In addition to intensive training, all of Bedrock’s security guards go through rigorous background checks and drug screening during the application process. Our security guards are highly trained and professionally certified, to ensure the highest level of protection, professionalism, and customer service.

Who we are

Bedrock believes in the right mix of technology and personnel to get the job done and works diligently to find that perfect mix.

As a security program standard we utilize GPS tracking technology on our security personnel depending upon the tasks required. Our GPS tracking system allows our supervision and clients to track the security guard at all times while on duty. It fills all of the gaps that a human supervisor can’t physically accomplish. The system notifies supervision when the security guard arrives on duty, the location (Client Name, Longitude, and Latitude), if the security guard should leave the assigned area, if the security guard is stationary longer than the prescribed time, and when the security guard ends the shift. Should there be any kind of communication error in the GPS the supervisor is notified allowing them to check on the situation.

When an incident occurs a live map as shown below with an accompanying incident report can be emailed to you. Upon opening the map, the map becomes live and you can review, save, print, forward, etc…unfiltered. Along with the map is a printable report of each report time, date, location, speed of the guard from the previous shift. All information is hosted for retrieval for 90 days from last date of shift service. We have received nothing but 100% satisfaction from our clients with this program standard.